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We are College Station Tree Service, but we appreciate others dedicated to service the tree needs of the community and wanted to share their unique story.


If you’re a beginner to Asplundh Tree Service, we can give you a short overview of the main events that shaped their business’s background. For people who’ve been part of Asplundh for many years, hopefully, this time around  may refresh your recollection and generate some pride. If you like an infinitely more comprehensive picture of the business’s beginning, contact the Organization Communications Division in Willow Grove to get a backup of the 50th Anniversary Problem of The Asplundh TREE. It is a fascinating study and offers interesting historical background to the tree business in the US.
Family Roots
However, the family’s link with bushes started well before that. Actually, the title Asplundh describes “grove of aspen woods” in Swedish. The 2nd oldest child, Oswald, used to be a farmer, help support his widowed mother and siblings and later started a tree surgery company and gardening. It had been here the three younger siblings gained cash due to their college educations by cutting bushes underneath the assistance of Oswald.

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